10 Things You Should Never Miss Doing in Phuket


I find it amusing when a tourist spot still has its key to reveal its secret gardens.

This post may be a long overdue. I should have done this a year ago, the time I was sitting under the heat of the summer sun, enjoying the sandy wind and salty waters touching my skin. Probably, my memory isn’t that explicit and sharp enough to reminisce all the detailed memories of such unforgettable trip. But, I’m making this post anyway.

Given the benefit of the doubt and pint of confidence that I can bring this post to where it should be heading, let me share with you one of the best experiences I had in a not-so unfamiliar place for tourists, or beach bums – Phuket Thailand.

As mentioned in my previous post, I went here last year with my family, without expectations or whatsoever. Packed my things and just let myself be surprised. Sure was I surprised. And amazed. No, amazed is such an understatement. I was delighted, overjoyed, you name it.

So, I bring to you the 10 things you should never miss doing in Phuket.


10. Relax

I know it’s basically common sense. You go on holidays to relax, right? Or most of the time. For a place like Phuket, it’s where your mind and body should be – a perfectly relaxed and peaceful state. But in a tourist-packed destination, sometimes all the crowd and parties, or your travel itinerary, just seems to lessen the probability of making this perfect vacation goal a reality.


Time should never be an issue (except when you’re about to get late for your flight. Haha!) Avoid checking your watch every time. You are on a vacation which means you own your time. At least for a while. Spend a day or two without any specific plans, just let the odds take your feet to wander.

Go biking, breath the salty air, or just be a bum at the beach and get that perfect tan.





Personally, this trip made me reflect on my life once more, had a lot of quiet time with the Lord which really freshened me up, and spent tons of quality time with my loved ones.

9. Get your taste buds ready


Oh my. Thailand indeed serves one of the best cuisines in Asia, or maybe in the world! I’m not exaggerating, but once you get to taste authentic Thai cuisine, your taste buds will thank you for it. And miss it, for sure.


8. Visit a local market




There may be more of this in Bangkok, but Phuket does have some too. With a variety of choices of local food to clothing and souvenirs, shopping is a must here! Oh, did I mention it comes with really cheap prices too?

7.  Get Fast and Furious! 



Go Kart in Patong GoKart Speedway! For first-timers like me who learned it the hard way, hi-five! I totally had a blast even if I drifted a few times and needed to change my kart. Haha! This one is definitely worth a try in Phuket! To know more about it, click here.

6. Play with Tigers



Who says tigers are always rough and dangerous? Not in Phuket! Here, tigers and cubs are tamed and well-trained for tourists to meet and have some awesome photos with. Make sure you visit Tiger Kingdom which is located beside Patong GoKart Speedway. For more info, click here



5. Shop for Pearls

Did you know natural pearls can be made? Yes, definitely! We paid our visit to Phuket Pearl Farm and we were just stunned by how beautiful those pearls were. The manager, was also very informative to show us how pearls were farmed and made into jewelry.


 This Pearl business was started in 1967 and finally established as a Pearl Farm in 1985. Interesting history, isn’t? Book your Pearl Farm tour here




4. Get an Authentic Thai Massage

What makes Thai culture so unique is their famous Thai massage. Wherever you may be, I kid you not, you will find at least one Thai massage spa and that’s because they are SOOO GOOD and relaxing. How much more if you experience it in the hands of a local Thai, right?


The price is totally cheaper compared to where I’m currently based which is in Doha, and I’m sure its way cheaper compared to US or other Western countries.

I strongly encourage you to get a massage at least once in this haven. You’re not gonna regret it! And as what I usually tell my friends, you have never visited Thailand until you get an authentic Thai massage 🙂

3. See Elephants


I’ve got a separate post about this, but visiting the lovely elephants will always be part of my list. So, visit any Elephant Farm in Phuket (there are a lot), and enjoy! Read related post here

2. Take awesome photos

Since my cousin and his fiancé (now his wife) were also with us in Phuket, I grabbed the chance to practice more of my photography skills by doing an unofficial prenup shoot for them. Which meant, I came back home not only with my travel photos, but also with my “frustrated photographer” prenup photos (Haaa!)

IMG_2261IMG_2253             IMG_2255

By the way, I used only my Iphone 6 for the entire trip 🙂

1. Go Island Hopping!


Phuket is well-surrounded by several islands and islets. As far as I can remember, we went to Phi Phi Island to have lunch,  Yao Yai Island to snorkel and swim, and Khai Nai Island to feed some fish and Monkey Beach to see wild monkeys.





So there you go, the 10 Things You Should Never Miss Doing In Phuket!


I’m so grateful that we stayed in Maikhao Dream Resort ’cause it was quite far from the crowded part of Phuket, and we had an absolutely great time with family and friends. I can just stay there and not go out. That’s how wonderful this resort is. Great location. Accommodating staff. Mouth-watering food. A perfect sweet-escape from the busy life. And yes, it was like home to me. Will definitely come back!








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